Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello and Miso & Maple glazed Salmon roll!

Hey everybody,
I have come here to give my blog new life! About a year ago I started one to share all my sushi thoughts, but I became to busy to maintain it and it wasn't getting a lot of traffic. But I'm here now thanks to some new inspiration from a friend of mine :D

I've been working in the Seattle area for about 4 years, making sushi. I was the head chef at Mizu and am now the sushi lead at Palisade. Currently I am waiting for my menu launch there. 

Anyways, I'll start my first post with a pretty simple roll I came up with. 

This is kind of an adaptation of a recipe I found on Foodwishes. It's a Miso and Maple glazed Salmon roll!

The recipe is pretty simple for the glaze:
1 part Miso paste (I used "Shiro" Miso, or "White")
1 part sushi vinegar (He used rice vinegar, but I like the flavor more of sushi vinegar. Doesn't really matter which one you use.)
1 part maple syrup
Sriracha to taste
Black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a bowl (it's easier if you dissolve the miso in the vinegar first.) Then taste to see if you want more Sriracha or pepper. If your glaze tastes too strongly of vinegar don't be worried. After it's been cooked it will taste sweeter. 

Since this is just for a roll I used pretty small pieces of salmon. One roll probably only contains about 1 to 1.5 oz of salmon. 
Place your salmon on greased foil, on a tray and bake it. Also, since it's such a small amount, you can do this in a toaster oven, on broil. It won't take long. 

In the mean time you can blanch some asparagus to go with the roll. You can use just the salmon if you want, but adding some vegetables will give it more textures. (It's kind of like a salmon dinner in a roll.)

When all parts are done, take a sheet of nori and place it in front of you vertically, rough side up! Rice always goes on the rough side because it will hold better! Spread the rice about 2/3 of the way, bottom to top. Place all your components near the bottom of the nori and roll it up :)
Cut into desired number of pieces and garnish with roasted sesame seeds.

This type of roll is a typical "maki"; seaweed on the OUTSIDE. Most people see "Uramaki", which are rolls with rice on the outside. (Ex: California rolls) 

Hope you enjoyed my first post. I will post more about sushi vinegar, rice, tools, etc. later on. 

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