Monday, November 5, 2012

OMG Roll!

So this is the OMG Roll! (pictured in back)

This roll was an adaptation of something I saw on
Usually I'd explore the web for ideas and came across this roll which I liked very much, but thought I could add a little more to it :)

This roll is a little more advanced, but it's basically an Uramaki roll with toppings, that's then seared. If you don't have a torch, it's perfectly good left unseared as well. It's got great flavor and is like having multiple rolls in one!

OMR Roll (My version) consists of:
Cream cheese (cut into strips for easier handling, or you can soften and put in a piping bag.)
Kanikama (crab mix, what you see in a California roll.)
Shrimp tempura (You can find frozen tempura at most stores that's easily heated in an oven.)
Salmon (Make sure it's sushi grade!)
Spicy mayo
Unagi sauce
Masago (optional)
Green onion
Roasted sesame seeds
Sriracha (optional)

A lot of ingredients, I know, but if you can pull it off it's worth a try :)

Since there's some much filling you want to be careful when rolling, and make sure it's completely sealed. In case any of you were wondering, the plastic wrap prevents sticking between the roll and your bamboo mat. It also keeps the toppings in place while cutting. Also be sure to use a rocking motion when cutting your rolls. It's "heel to toe" movement (Heel meaning the back end of your blade.) Making sure you use fewing motions when slicing will give you a cleaner cut, so try to avoid sawing at it if possible. 

Thanks again :)

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